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Our Services

Instructional Design and eLearning

We have a focused approach to working with SME's (Subject Matter Experts) and ensure our design services are enhancing the content provided. Our team will walk you through the process and create a dynamic learning environment for the end user.

In terms of eLearning our focus is ensuring the participants are engaged with the content and we use a variety of eLearning software to ensure the experience is first class!

Online Training and Pedagogy

We provide faculty and various stakeholders with training to support them as they teach in a synchronous or asynchronous environment. We have experience working with the OLC (Online Learning Consortium) and QM (Quality Matters) standards. We focus on best practices and individualized learning to support the professional development plan of the participant. This includes using LoTi (Levels of Technology Implementation) to ensure the continuous growth of the client.

Learning Management Systems

We have worked with several Learning Management Systems and can assist you in developing an LMS or use an existing one. We also have extensive experience using Wordpress with several premium plug-ins.


Use our simple 3 step approach to choosing the right LMS.

Web Development

As a result of our instructional design experience, we are often asked to create a forward facing sites for clients. We have a team of designers and developers focused on developing dynamic web sites. We specialize in traditional HTML and a variety of WordPress sites.

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